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Mac Meeting Minutes

Bobbie, our President, welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order at 2PM. There were 19 members in attendance. Our next meeting will be on October 1, 2013. Please note: There are NO August meeting minutes as there was NO August meeting due to the airconditioniong be out in the meeting hall.

Call for Nominations. Jean distributed a copy of Article 6 of our bylaws that addresses nominations for office in the club with a description of the duties for each office. Nominations will be accepted at the October meeting. If you would like to serve, you may nominate yourself or any other member of the club. Nominations will be presented at the October meeting and an election will be held at the November meeting.

Bobbie reminded everyone that the club does have a Library of books and DVD’s for checkout. She also reminded us that the Club has “Drive Genius” and “Data Rescue” that can be checked out to members. Drive Genius is what Apple uses in their stores.

The first raffle was conducted. Bobbie had several videos to share addressing privacy on the internet. She will send these videos via email to all members. There was discussion on Privacy following the videos. Basically as technology advances our Privacy decreases. For example, one of Apple’s new phones reads your fingerprints, and that sites keeps your information from all sites that you visit. All that you do online is kept forever. One of the videos covered “Start Mail” which states “The Worlds Most Private Email.” IXQUICK was another site. Ixquick’s search engine provides search results in full privacy. And yet another site

The meeting was then opened up to all. Favorite apps, sites were shared.

1. : a site that if you tell them your interests, they we recommend great websites, photos and videos.
2. : gives users the convenience of search and shopping from and its partners. You have access to tens of millions of products at your fingertips.
4. gas buddy : helps you find cheap gas prices and you can keep car records and set reminders. Another app is gas cubby.
5. app gratis : sends you emails every day, free apps deals.
6. receipt hog : a way to turn receipts from shopping into cash
7. Voxer : A way to talk to friends & family. you can send voice, text, photos, and location.

At 3:15 PM the meeting was broken into groups for discussion and help.

The last raffle was conducted at 4:00 PM and the the meeting officially ended. Many stayed in their groups to continue their discussions.

Pat Vella, Secretary


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