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Due to a training session scheduled at 2:00 PM, general business was conducted after the class. Greg Heald, was the instructor, for American Graphics Institute. AGI is the publisher of the Digital Classroom book series. At today’s meeting, Greg gave a class, online, for iPhoto. For this class he was using iPhoto 11. The session took approximately 1 hour. Instruction included how to get photos into iPhoto, how to create folders, albums. He gave an overview of Faces, discussed Location, Events, Editing, how to Search by date, keyword, ratings, Red Eye, Effects, creating slideshows, adding text, music, Sharing. A Q & A then took place. He gave his email address should we need to contact him (

There were 13 members in attendance at todays meeting. Jean was unable to attend today so Bobbie reminded us that nominations are due at the next meeting and that everyone should think of running for an office or nominating members. The first drawing was conducted with 5 lucky winners.

Bobbie had a very bad experience with her computer and “Malware”. She says she “was totally hacked,” Safari locked, videos kept popping up. Apple and a friend helped her out. Apple said “others” have had the same problem. At net months meeting she will share information received from Apple.

The last drawing for members only was conducted with two winners.


Pat Vella

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