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Mac Meeting Minutes

Bobbie called the meeting to order at 2:05. 14 members were present. October 10th is next months meeting. 

She showed us a camera and printer that was used one time.  She also has a fax machine . If anyone is interested  in either they can make her an offer for them.

Next month is Vacation Bible School at the church. We need to have help setting up and tearing down the room. Please come early to help.

For questions about your iPhone you can call 1800-MYIPHONE  for help

Carole gave us info on the new iPhones coming out. Most expensive one which is being named iPhone X will be approx $1000.00.

Bobbie played 2 videos (links below) with info on the Equifax data breech from Angele at the Mac Clinic.

Kizoa is the program Bobbie demonstrated. It is a Free Online photo slide show, or movie program that you can Really have fun with. You  can access it at   There are many different templates, transitions, animations  many more frills to use. We are going to be so busy playing. You can view the demo movie that Bobbie made by clicking here.

Several questions were asked and  all were answered. 

The 2nd drawing for members was drawn, Regina and Bill were the winners.

Respectfully submitted

Carlene Howard 

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