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Mac Meeting Minutes
President, Bobbie Batchelder opened the meeting at 2 p.m.
She announced that Tucker Culver, our Treasurer, was having surgery on her knee again. There was no Treasurer's     report; however, the balance is the same as last month as there were no expenditures.
Bobbie introduced today's speaker, Sean Housman, Assistant/Youth Pastor of Calvary Chapel. Sean will give a     demonstration of the Keynote program
Bobbie anounced the raffle and Bill handed out the tickets
Bobbie and Pam have decided that we won't be in the parade this year. Too much is going on and we were not invited     by the Chamber (even though we took first place). We would be last in line if we sign up now. Also, there seemed     to be very little interest as there was very little participation last year.
Our next meeting is on Veteran's Day, November 11. We will decorate a computer-theme Christmas tree. If you have     any thing that can go on a tree either bring it to the next meeting or get it to Bobbie before.
Ernie read a note from Dick Ramage about our constitution.This month we should be nominating officers for the next     year. Election should be held next month. Ernie opened up nominations for President, Vice President,     Ambassador, Secretary, Treasurer, and Publicity.  All of the present officers were nominated again, agreed to     continue to serve, and were re-elected by vote of the members present at the meeting. There were no nominees     for Publicity. If you are interested in serving as a Publicity chairperson, please let Bobbie know. It is important to     get the word out about our group, so we really need this position filled. The newly elected officers are:
    President, Bobbie Batchelder
    Vice President, Ernie Tripp
    Apple Ambassador, Pam Short
    Secretary, Shirley Coster
    Treasurer, Tucker Culver
Ernie mentioned that the iLife class at MCC will not be held. He will try to get the classroom directly through the high     school for future use. He is willing to help others with any questions--just e-mail your questions to him.
Bobbie talked about the info in our club library. Ernie showed all the tutorials available on the website.
An open discussion was held on how to secure your info on the internet
Bill held the raffle
Sean Housman, Assistant/Youth Pastor of Calvary Chapel  gave a presentation on Keynote, which is part of  iwork,              a program that can be purchased from Apple. Keynote can be used for presentations, including your photos and     music. It's similar to powerpoint. The program was opened for questions.
Ernie shared his 10-year-old Grandson's website with us.
The meeting was adjourned at 3:55.

Shirley Coster, Secretary

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