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Mac Meeting Minutes
Bobbie Batchelder, President, opened the meeting at 2:05.

Bill Lawton handed out raffle tickets.

Bobbie thanked everyone for the condolences for her father.

Jean Amico, Carlene Howard, and Carol Ruetter are our nomination committee.
Ballots with a list nominees were handed out. Jean read the duties of each office as written in our constitution. Each officer told the members what they actually do each month. Nominations are still open for all offices. If you are interested in being an officer, please let one of the nominating committee know of your interest. The voting will take place at our next meeting on November 10th.The nomination list was read: Bobbie Batchelder, President; No Nominee, VP;  Shirley Coster, Secretary;  Tucker Culver, Treasurer; Pam Short and Jean Amico, Apple Ambassador.

Gina Olson presented Pages and shared the projects she is currently doing with us.  She is creating a family cookbook. Bobbie will e-mail us all the sites that Gina has found to be helpful with her projects.

Bill held the raffle. Harry Kilb, Pat Vella, and Tucker Culver were the winners.

Bill Lawton demonstrated Photoshop and how to manipulate and repair photos.

Bill held the members raffle which was won by Gina Olson.

The floor was opened up for general questions.

We had a new member join, Pat Vella.

The meeting was adjourned at 4 p.m.

Shirley Coster, Treasurer

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