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Mac Meeting Minutes

Our meeting was opened by President, Bobbie Batchelder at 2:10.
Our current bank balance is $754.92 plus $34 petty cash.
Raffle tickets were passed out by Pat Vella.
Bill Lawton has returned from vacation. Welcome back.
Carlene Howard announced that we would like to have volunteers for new officers.
The following have volunteered to run for office: Bobbie Batchelder, President; Bill Lawton, Vice President; Pam Short, Apple Ambassador; Charlene Howard, Secretary; Shirley Coster, Treasurer. We can also use someone for Publicity. Ballots will be handed out at the next meeting and votes will be taken then. A motion was presented by Shirley Coster to e-mail all members notifying them who is running; and, if they would like to vote, they must be present at next month's meeting. It was seconded by Lloyd Ames and all members present voted for the motion. There is still time to run for office, as nominations will be accept at the meeting before the voting takes place.
Our drawing was held and winners were: Sue Tuberman, Harry Kilb, Bill Lawton, Bryan Prieskorn, and Lloyd Ames.
Bryan Prieskorn gave a presentation on Numbers that is part of iWorks. The program has a household inventory format which he started using after there was a flood in his mother's house. He needed an inventory for the insurance company. Bryan used the preset home inventory form in Numbers. You can take pictures of your possessions, then drag and drop the pictures from iPhoto into this inventory. There are columns for the value and explanation for any additional description. Next, he demonstrated a photo transferring process with an "Ion 35 millimeter photo scanner" ( ) . It is used to copy and transfer your old slides and 35mm negatives to iPhoto.
Questions from the floor. Can a USB dock be used for a printer? Yes; however, it is preferable to use one that plugs into electricity. How to trash a dashboard widget that you have on the desktop? Answer: click on the plus sign in the lower left corner of your desktop, then each widget on the desktop will have an "x". Click on the "x" for the item you want to remove.
Bill Lawton went over the survey he sent us awhile back. Some changes to our meeting format were discussed. Bobbie will be sending out an e-mail with some ideas and asking for member's input about possible changes.
The meeting was adjourned at 4 p.m.
Shirley Coster, secretary


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