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Mac Meeting Minutes

The meeting was opened by Jean Amico, Vice President at 2:15 p.m.
Jean asked for 2 volunteers to head the nomination committee for next year's officers. The volunteers are needed today as next month we will have the nominations. No one volunteered, so Pam Short read the By-laws and determined that nominations can be taken from any member, that we do not have to have a nomination committee and we are behind a month. So since Bobbie is out of town, if you would like to be an officer or would like to nominate someone, send your nomination for next year's officers to Jean so she can notify all members. The voting for new officers will be held at the November meeting (which is according to bylaws).
First raffle was held--winners were Jim Porter, Bill Coleman, Frances Johnson, Susie Sprague.
Good deals are out there for free iPhones. Verizon users can now get extended network in Havasu. If you are in a roaming area, the network will warn you so you can decide if you want the extra charges. You can also turn off your roaming. Before choosing a new carrier, be sure to check with the carrier so you know all the ins and outs of their program and charges.
Jean showed an old commercial for Apple with a Steve Jobs' voice over that was never aired and a video showing some different moments with Steve Jobs. She showed a 1987 video of futuristic things that are actually happening now. A video was shown on the iPhone 4S with iOS5 and Siri.
Jean gave us some shortcut tips:
command comma, preferences pops up
command W will close a window
command tab will show all the programs you have open
finder, click on the file you may want to see, use space bar and you'll get a bigger picture of it.
Jean talked about the program Preview, (which is on all our Macs by default); it will open by default when you look at a file. To open in another program, control click and you'll get a contextual menu to choose a different program to open up the file. Changes can be made in Preview, quicker, to photos rather than opening iPhoto.
Next meeting 11/8/2011

Shirley Coster, Secretary Pro Tem



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