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Mac Meeting Minutes

Bobbie, our President, opened the meeting at 2:10 PM.  The next scheduled meeting is November 13th.  Nineteen members and 1 guest were in attendance.

Bobbie brought the trophy the Mac Club won in 2007 for the October Parade in town 
and also a picture of the car for all to see.

She again reminded everyone that November is election month for the club.  She asked if there were any nominations.  Present Board members and any new nominations will be presented next month for voting.  Information for all Board positions can be found on the Club’s web site.  She will send a reminder email to all members.  Also dues for the coming year will be due.  

Bobbie shared a personal story on lost photos and how she was able to retrieve the photos using ProSoft.  At last month’s meeting we saw a presentation from ProSoft.  At that meeting we were given an opportunity to purchase the programs at a special price if purchased by the following Friday.  The club did purchase the programs with a club license so all members will have access.  By using data rescue Bobbie was able to retrieve all her photos.  She said these guys were  awesome to work with.  The other program, Drive Genius 3, is capable of defraging, plus much more.  This is the same program the Apple stores use at the Genius Bar.  The club will put the programs on a flash drive/CD and have it available for club members.  The defrag takes a long time, ProSoft suggests running it at night.  

Bobbie reminded everyone about the Club Library and also asked if there were any questions from the group.  Jean asked if we will do TREATS for the December meeting and we will.  

Bill conducted the raffle for members, 6 tickets.  The meeting was then turned over to Jean and her presentation on iOS6.  She went over many of the capabilities of the new iOS 6 for the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad These included maps, battery use, Siri’s cabability of opening apps, some new apps, ie Passbook, Do Not Disturb, the option of the camera to do panorama pictures.  Also shared a site which has lots of good info on digital photography including different lenses for the iPhone.

Jean then talked about external hard drive in relationship to media.  Jean has 2 external drives for sale, $50 each.  

The last raffle for members only was conducted by Bill.

Bobbie adjourned the meeting at  4:00 pm.

Pat Vella,for
   Carlene Howard, Secretary

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