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Mac Meeting Minutes

Bobbie, our President, called the meeting to order at 2:00 PM. There were 17 attendees. The next meeting will be on November 12th. Bobbie reported that she had an email from Shirley and that her husband is doing well. They may be able to come home to Havasu from California where he is recuperating for a few weeks soon.

Jean asked if there were any nominations for Club Officers. There were none. Voting will take place at the November meeting with the same slate as present.

Bobbie shared an article from Today’s New Herald on the voice of “Siri’. Although Apple will not confirm it, it appears that it is a women named Bennet. She has also done some voice overs. A voice expert says “yes” it is her voice.

Bobbie told the group that some books have been added to the back “free” table. Bill conducted the first raffle - there were five winners.

The meeting was then turned over to Jean who did a demonstration with her phone of the new operating system iOS7. She suggested that before you download iOS7 that you make a back-up. Jean went over many of the new features including the camera with a larger aperture, pictures, videos, a few changes to the keyboard, flipping to delete open apps. She addressed the Compass app, changes with Messages, Folders, blocking callers and text size. Calendar has a lot of changes, i.e. touch and drag.(click here for Jean notes ). She suggested that “Safari” could be a whole new demo. She also talked about “Easter Eggs.” See her notes for information .

At 3:30 PM the demo was completed and round tables were set up, iPads iPhones and General. Bill drew the ticket for “members only” and the meeting was adjourned at 4:00PM.


Pat Vella


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