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Mac Meeting Minutes

Bobbie, our President opened the meeting at 2:00 PM. There were 21 members in attendance and 4 guests. Our next meeting will be on November 11th. Jean then took over the meeting to discuss nominations for next year’s officers. She advised that there were nomination slips on the tables and we should consider nominating candidates or ourselves for office. Members nominated will be advised and given the opportunity to accept or decline the nomination. Members were encouraged to nominate. The November meeting will be the actual voting. She then asked if there were any suggestions for next month’s meeting. Jean also asked if there were any computer related questions from the group. Ann wanted to know if anyone knew a place that would transfer reel tape to a CD. Jean has a friend who might be able to do so and will let Ann know as well as the rest of the Group, via email.

Bobbie did a presentation of all her woes with her computer locking up. It was a pretty frightening story. The computer would lock up when using Safari also FireFox and she was unable to do anything. It kept getting worse. A window came up saying for a fine of $300 they would remove the lock up. It was an Adware virus. She finally had some success with the help of AdwareMedic.

The first raffle was conducted with 5 winners and 3 of the winners were guests which was nice.

Pam then Skyped Thomas Reed, and he gave an overview of the program. It was interesting and very informative. Adware Medic removes all known adware from our Mac. AdwareMedic will not install anything on your system. It’s a free download and requires a Mac running Mac OS X 7 (Lion) or later. Users of Mac OS X 6 or older should use his manual removal instructions. Adware is not malware. Check out his manual . Jerry gave tips on avoiding sites offering “free video streaming, be skeptical of Flash updates and evaluate developer’s site with among others.

Jerry then opened up for any questions from the group. A question was asked re He said pretty much sate in general. Another question, how often to run. It doesn’t run automatically. Only run if you are having problems. Where does it come from? The short answer: from an installer for some app you were tricked into downloading from an unsavory site. This may be a site like or Softonic, or a site offering streaming of “free” videos. Tip: When starting your computer, hold shift key when opening safari, this prevents it from loading any pages that were opened. He let us know that we can always email him. Adware is a free program but donations are accepted.

The final raffle was conducted with two winners. There was no RoundTable discussions today and the meeting was adjourned by Bobbie at 3:50 PM.

Pat Vella

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