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Mac Meeting Minutes

Bobbie Batchelder, President, opened the meeting at 2:00.

Jean Amico handed out the raffle tickets.

Joan Roberts demonstrated software that she developed, called Ladi Data, Memoryable, to help her remember things. It is set up in FileMakerPro.It's simple and has lots of categories to help you remember or track daily tasks, journelling, recipes, track any thing that is of importance to you. It's tied into the internet and your mac programs like iCalendar. It is transferable to windows. She has been working on it for about 3 years. When it is finished, she will offer it to any Mac Club member who would like a copy.

Voting for election of officers was presided over by Jean Amico. Jean declined the nomination for VP. Bill Lawton will be the only one running for that office. The nominations were closed. Carol Ruetter motioned to accept the slate of officers as presented. It was seconded by Harry Kilb. All voted to accept the slate of officers as presented. The officers will take office in January.

Tucker Culver, Treasurer, mentioned that dues will be due in January. The dues are $12 for family or individuals.

Jean held the general raffle drawing. The winners were Carlene Howard, Frances Johnson, and Harry Kilb.

Pam Short demonstrated a software program sent to us by Avery Label products. Free programs were sent for all of us by Avery. has a newsletter that you can sign up for. It shows all the projects that can be done with products.
She also showed a portion of a video montage that she recently put together using internet software from Your pictures can be uploaded to the site and then you are able to make a montage with special effects that is uploadable to youtube.

Bobbie mentioned that next month will be our Christmas meeting. If you would like you may bring Christmas goodies to share with the group.

Jean held the members only raffle which was won by Tucker Culver.

The meeting was adjourned at 4 p.m.

Shirley Coster, Secretary

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