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Mac Meeting Minutes

Meeting was opened at 2:05 by President, Bobbie Batchelder.
Treasurer, Tucker Culver, reports a bank balance of $780.92
The roll sheet was passed around by Tucker.
Chuck and Barbara Spinks and Gerry Hilliard are visitors today. Later in the meeting all joined as members.
Our 12/14 meeting will be more of a social for the Christmas season. You can bring goodies or snacks to share. Carol Rutter volunteered to bring coffee. Others volunteered to bring cookies.
Bobbie asked if there was any new or old business.
Tucker asked if there were any volunteers to audit her books before they are turned over to the new Treasurer. Pat Vella volunteered to do the audit.
Carlene Howard suggestioned that we have a fine of 25 cents for not wearing your name tag and for having your cell phone on. It will be voted on at the next meeting.
Carlene, serving as the nominating committee, was given the floor to hold elections.
The meeting was opened for nominations from the floor. No nominations were made. As no other persons were nominated, Harry Kilb motioned that we accept the slate of officers as presented. Tucker Culver seconded the motion. All were in favor and motion was passed. The new officers for next year, starting 1/1/11 are as follows: President, Bobbie Batchelder; Vice President, Bill Lawton; Secretary, Carlene Howard; Treasurer, Shirley Coster, Treasurer; Pam Short, Apple Ambassador.
Bill Coleman held the raffle which was won by: Bryan Prieskorn, Barbara Spinks our new member, Sue Tuberman, Gina Olson and Gary Evilsizor.
Our first presentation was given via iChat. Arin Garland of Intego, together with Justin Phane gave a presentation of their product "Virus barrier" a virus protection for Macs. Recently, their company sent out a security Blog about social networking websites spreading a type of malware or trojan horse for Macs. They have several different types of protection: Virus barrier costs $49.95. Internet Security Barrier costs $79.95. They are offering a 30% discount off their prices for our Mac Club members. After one year there is a yearly subscription renewal $29.95 which includes any security alerts and any up dates.You can see more on their website: Pam Short will also send out some information.
Pam Short demonstrated new iLife 11 suite which is available now. She started with changes to iPhoto today and will continue with the rest of the suite at another meeting.
The members only raffle was won by Gary Evilsizor.
Bill Coleman mentioned that there is an online backup company called Carbonite.The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 p.m.
Shirley Coster, Secretary


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