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Mac Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by President Bobbie.  Vice President Jean explained the nominations. It was motioned that the present board be nominated again for their same positions. After several discussions, the motion was seconded,  nominations were closed and voted.  The board will remain the same as last year.

There were 5 names picked for prizes off the raffle table.  

3 Visitors here today:  Ralph and Marilyn, and Andy. 

Jean just purchased the new iPhone 4S.  The new Siri application, was demonstrated.  An example of talking to the phone.   Personal Questions or a general question can be asked.  A question asked to Siri was:  Where is the London Bridge?  “She” responded with, there are 15 places close to you. Siri uses the same type of search function as  Wolfram Alpha, which is a free app for your computer or smart Phone.  You are able to transfer your old info into  your new iPhone by  first syncing to the computer and then to the iPhone. 

Pam showed us some videos from
They were on Mac Mail and most of the tutorial information will work in Leopard and Snow Leopard.

  1. Receiving an e-mail with attachments.
  2.  Identifying Unread Messages
  3. Dealing with Junk Mail
  4. Mail and Address Book
  5. Adding an Entry to Address Book from Mail
  6. Data Detectors- Dates, Addresses, Phone numbers and places
  7. Managing and Using Signatures
  8. Signatures and Stationary
  9. Customizing a Stationary Email with your Content (only on Snow)

Meeting adjourned.
Next month is our Christmas meeting.  If you would like to, please bring a treat, finger foods, cookies, ect. 

Submitted by,
Carlene Howard

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