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Mac Meeting Minutes

Meeting was called to order by our President Bobbie at 2:15. 
There were several  guests, Gail and Joann and Everett Mill.  
Jean our Vice President also joined us via Facetime from her iPhone. 

Next month will be our Christmas meeting on the 11th. Those who would like to bring a treat,to be shared by all can do so. Jean moved that we accept the current slate of officers. Tucker seconded the motion and it was moved that the officers be accepted. The only change ofofficers will be:  Pat Vella will take over the Secretary job from Carlene Howard.  Everyone else will remain the same as last year. 

Data Rescue is available to use. Call Bobbie if you are interested in using it on your computer.   It will find anything that you have lost or deleted and did not want to. Drive Genius 3 defrags , clones, cleans ups your Mac. Paul used the Data Rescue and was very happy with it. Paul picked 5 tickets for the raffle table prizes. 
Ernie gave us a hand out and there was a discussion on OSX Mountain Lion.
He showed us a Keynote presentation that he put together.  He suggested the Apple website to learn more about Mountain Lion.  There are over 200 new features.  Ernie highlighted just 4 of the features for us. The cost for Mountain Lion, is $29.00. You may upgrade to Mountain Lion from either Lion or Snow Leopard. Be sure to check your Mac to make sure it will run on your hardware configuration. You must upgrade to at least Snow Leopard before you can install Mountain Lion. 

 The membership raffle drawing was won by Paul. 

We split into groups for individual help.  The meeting was adjourned at
Carlene Howard

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