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In Bobbie’s absence, Jean opened the meeting at 2:00PM. There were 14 members and one guest in attendance. Due to no new nominations for the Board, a motion was made by Susan to keep the same officers as last year and seconded by Ron. There were no objections. It was passed.

The first raffle for members and guests was conducted, with a total of seven winners (2 were Board members). Jean reminded us that donations are always excepted for the prize table.

Today’s demo on the App, Pages was given by Ernie. Pages is a word processor designed for mobil devices and it’s FREE. It keeps your documents up to date on all your devices. And you can edit them at or from a Mac or PC browser. It contains many templates; i.e. letters, resumes, envelopes, business cards, flyers, cards. Ernie says, “It’s a great thing! It’s amazing.” Pages is available on your Browser. Your Browser becomes the word processor. Also Keynote and Numbers works thru a Browser. It exports to Word, PDF, ePub, Pages 09. He shared a document of his, showing the basics of Pages. Ernie spoke a little about ePub. He then took his document and exported it to ePub. It appeared in iBooks looking like a published book. He also shared how documents could be saved to a PC. He then demonstrated how to take a PDF form, download it, so that you can fill it out.

At 3:10 PM Jean opened the meeting to any questions. There was some discussion on Time Machine and iCloud. The last Raffle was drawn. Jean then had the meeting breakout to tables for discussion and/or help. There was an iPad Table and a General Table. The meeting adjourned at 4:00PM.


Pat Vella

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