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Mac Meeting Minutes

Bobbie, our President called the meeting to order at 2:00 PM.  There were 24 in attendance which included two new members and two guests.  Bobbie welcomed everyone!  Our next meeting will be December 9th and it is our Holiday Meeting.  Goodies/snacks are welcome.  There will be a “special” Raffle.  

Bobbie turned the meeting over to Jean.  Nominations for next year’s Officers were requested at last month’s meeting.   Other than the Office for  Secretary those nominated declined the nomination.  Susan Pellerin and Carlene Howard agreed to run for Secretary if they could share the Office (Winter Secretary and Summer Secretary).  This year’s officers, Bobbie Batcheldler, President; Jean Amico, Vice President; Shirley Coster, Treasurer and  Pam Short, Apple Ambassador, agreed to run again for their respective offices.  A motion was made to accept the slate of nominees and seconded.  A vote was taken and unanimously passed.

There is money in the Treasury and any feedback/suggestions for using it are welcome, i.e., tutorials, videos, books.  Jean advised that has tutorials/videos.  Also, any donations for our raffle table are appreciated.  Bill conducted the first raffle and there were six winners.  Bobbie asked for suggestions for next month’s meeting.  We did receive one suggestion - iCloud.  Jean said she would try to get something together.  

Jean then did a Overview  of the new “OS X Yosemite.”  Her notes will be posted on our website.  The download is free.  After her demo she took questions from the group.  She shared info on two new security risks, wire lurker and mask attack, and using usb thumb drives.  Bottom line, never click on and always go to the App store.  

The last Raffle, for members only, was conducted and the meeting was adjourned by Bobbie at 4:00 PM.

Pat Vella

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