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Mac Meeting Minutes

Bobbie opened the meeting at 2:00.

She discussed Jean’s son’s memorial, how nice it was and that we
are ordering trees in Dominic ‘s name to be planted.

All the current officers that are in place now were nominated for the
next year, all excepted the slate as it stood, so there will be no change.
The next meeting will be December 8th and our Christmas Cookie Party.
bring your favorite one to share!

There were 4 people that got to pick out prizes from the raffle table.
Ernie gave us a class on El Capitan. This is the Newest OS for Mac.
He passed out a paper to follow along with the youtube program.
To watch this in youtube go to:
Even if there is a new operating system, you may not want to upgrade, if you
are happy with what you have.

In down loading El Capitan Ernie lost his quick time movies on his web site.
So he explained how to deal with this issue.
Ernie also went into details on the different things El Capitan can do.
After questions and answers, meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Carlene Howard

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