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Mac Meeting Minutes

The meeting was brought to order by President Bobbie Batchelder at 2:07  pm.  There were 14  present which included 1 guest. Bobbie welcomed all to the meeting.  
Jean Amico presided over the election process and the motion was passed to retain these positions:
 President Bobbie Batchelder
Secretary’s Carlene Howard and Susan Pellerin
Apple Ambassador   Pam short
Treasurer nominated and elected Pat Vella

The all attendee raffle was then conducted by Bill with 5 winners.

Diana Liston was given a Starbucks gift card in appreciation of her time, efforts and knowledge shared. 

Diana  then lead a presentation on all things APPLE with a little of Macintosh verse Microsoft thrown in. ;-)  She gave us a run down on the differences between the two operating systems.  
Diana then covered many topics from different settings to favorite applications.
She spoke in length of iphone applications and settings capabilities.  One bit of information was the ability to place different applications in the doc along the bottom of your iPhone. (Only 4 apps allowed on the iPhone, 6 on the iPad.)
A few of Diana’s favorite apps are:
My radar pro 
Gas Buddy

 The last members only raffle was completed with 2 winners. The meeting was adjourned at 4:05 by President Bobbie Batchelder.
Our next meeting will be on Dec 13th complete with Holiday ‘goodies’!

Susan Pellerin  
Winter Secretary 

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