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Mac Meeting Minutes
Meeting was opened by our President, Bobbie Batchelder at 2:05.

Bobbie asked who had seen the Christmas tree at the museum. A picture of our tree was in the paper. Pam, Tucker, Susan, Carole, and Mark all decorated the tree. A sign was put up at to help people find  the 12 computer parts of Christmas.

Welcome back Norma and her new Macbook, and Al & Marilyn Brewer.

Thanks to Gina Olson for taking notes last month.

Tucker read the Treasurer's report-- no money has been spent so balance is the same as last month, $741.48 + petty cash.

Bobbie asked for suggestions for new programs or things to purchase that will be helpful to our club.

Shirley read the minutes from last month's meeting.

Pam had no report from Apple. Walmart has a 2 gb flashdrive for $5.

Mark announced the museum is having open house from 4 to 6, tomorrow (Wednesday). The Noel Carolers will be performing.  On  Sat. December 20,  Lake Havasu Baptist church is having their annual Christmas Program at  6:30. It is free and open to all.

Free table--some things went to a charity garage sale as they were on the table for a long time.

Raffle table has new things and a computer Christmas tree.

The Lake Havasu Baptist Church youth group collects empty printer cartridges so please donate them if you don't refill them.

Next meeting will be Tuesday, January 13.

Harry Kilb will be doing scrap booking for the club  He will put it together with old pictures from our beginnings. Let Bobbie know if you don't want your picture taken. Let us know if you have any pictures from the "old days" when the club first started.

Bill announced if you use iChat, but have trouble connecting you can use Skype instead. It's free, both parties must have it.You can also make calls from it to a regular phone, but there is a small charge for that if the other party does not have Skype.

Bill Bowden sent a website that Bobbie will share with us. (

The man who played at our car club party, Art, wants to try an do a demo for us in Feb. or March. He was with the group Boxtop back in the 60’s. He sang some popular songs back then. He is a one man band using Garage Band and is a awesome guy to listen to. He will show us how he does all he does with his music using Garage Band. 

Bobbie showed the things we have in our library that are available to check out.

The meeting was opened up for questions from the group.

Tucker asked about networking with a new computer to her old computer. It can be done in many different ways.

Bill answered some questions about if you have a account.

Norma shared her Verizon wireless card. She pays $66.06 a month for high speed anywhere you go. The gadget cost about $100. Here you must activate Verizon in Laughlin.

Gina Olson asked about using wifi at Starbucks.

Bill held the raffle.

Pam's presentation was about web-based e-mail:  Google, Yahoo, .mac, hotmail,, and yahoo groups to find those with similar interests.
Also, how to search for anything on the web using Yahoo or google through Yahoo, and wikipedia.

We then enjoyed Christmas treats. Thanks to all who brought goodies!!

Meeting closed at 4:05

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