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Mac Meeting Minutes

Our Christmas meeting was opened by Bobbie at 2:l5. 
Opening late because we enjoyed various Christmas goodies brought by our members.
We will start off 2011 with our next meeting on Tuesday January 11th. 
Our Bank balance as of November 30, 2010 is  $796.92
Carlene of the nominating committee asked if there were any more nominations for Vice President and there were none.  Jean has offered and was voted upon and accepted.
Drawing was held and 5 people chose prizes off the table.

It was discussed how to show a video DVD if it does not automatically open.  Launch DVD Player (in applications) then go to File/ Open and then to the DVD you wish to play. (it should show on your desktop)
Bobbie demonstrated to us Miro to show short videos on different Mac tips. Ask the Quick time tips at Keynotes.,,,, this shows a lot of tutorials on the use of your Mac. Others are:, another one about learning different things on your Mac. To ask questions:

It was again discussed how to download photos with Image capture instead of using iPhoto.  If you wish to automatically download the photos from your camera to your hard drive instead of into iPhoto, you must change your preferences in iPhoto to reflect that.

To get info on your printer , do maintenance ect : Go to System pref., print & fax, options & supplies. Then Utilities, open print utility. It will give you options to check different items as well as do a routine clean of your printhead.
Questions and Answers were completed at the end of the meeting.  and will allow you to open different file types of videos and movies, like avi, flv, and wmv (windows media video).

Raffle was drawn and Bill Coleman won.

Meeting was closed at 3:50 to continue to enjoy the goodies.
Respectfully submitted,
Carlene Howard, Secretary

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