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Mac Meeting Minutes

We started out visiting and enjoying all the wonderful Christmas cookies and goodies brought by all.
Bobbie opened the official meeting at 2:25, wished her husband a Happy Birthday. The next meeting will be January 10th.  We welcomed our Snow Birds back.
A new 2012 calendar with the Mac Meetting dates was passed around. If you want it e-mailed to you, please let Pam know. 
Carlene showed her early Christmas present.  Skins for your computer and iPhone. Check on the website  www.KARVT.COM.  They are authentic wooden skins.
Bobbie started drawing the raffle tickets. Everybody was able to choose gifts from the table – and choose gifts—and choose gifts!!  We all left with many fun presents.
Jean started a demonstration on the Edit menu, and how you can access a “Special Characters” pallet from the bottom of the Edit menu. It can also be accessed through the “FLAG” in the top menu bar.

Mail in the inbox, comes from your server, (ie: Frontier, sudenlink) and it will just a COPY in your inbox. If you wish to change that you can go to preferences under the “Mail” menu, then accounts, then advanced. and set up how you want it to be handled by the server.  There you can tell it to delete the mail from the server. There are several options, and you can also delete it immediately manually.
Rules in Mail:
Will keep the inbox in organized order.  You make rules, to establish how you want e-mails to show.   Jean also explained to us how to see the download folders.
Bobbie closed the meeting after drawing the ticket for the last raffle.  Jim Moen was the winner.

Respectfully submitted,
Carlene Howard, Secretary


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