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Mac Meeting Minutes

We all enjoyed the Christmas cookie party then the meeting was called to order by our President Bobbie at 2:30.

Welcome back our “Snow Birds”.  We send Bill Coleman our thoughts on his surgery,  and Jim also on losing his wife in November.   

Shirley reminded us all about dues.  $12.00 for the year or give $1.00 for each month
you will be here. 

Bobbie passed around our Christmas presents.  Cute clip on animals with candy and
a calendar. 

January 8th is our next meeting.

 Our new officers were announced and stood up for recognition. Thank you all.

The meeting was turned over to Jean for a discussion on the new  iTunes. Even thought some people disklike the new update, Jean feels it is worth it.The big difference is how it organizes your songs. If you want to turn on Genius setting you need to go to thestore menu.  Ernie suggested you can add your own picture to a blank album. Find a picture for the album cover then open or drag to the album in iTunes.  Jean will add her notes are posted on the links page.

There were 6 tickets drawn for the raffle.  The members ticket was won by Paul. We then went to the round tables until the conclusion of the meeting.
Respectfully submitted
Carlene Howard, Secretary 

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