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Bobbie, our President, called the meeting to order at 2:15 PM.  There were 21 attendees.  This meeting was our Holiday Meeting and Bobbie let everyone know that the table in the back had small presents for all.   Also there was a table filled with goodies, coffee, tea and juice.  The next meeting will be on January 14, 2014.  Dues will be due for the year.  Bobbie asked  that if any one had  new devices to note that on the sign in sheet.  There may be possible topics for future demonstrations.  We need to know what you are interested in to arrange demos.  Please let us know.  Also, Jean has two hard drives for sale.  Contact her if you are interested,  The meeting was then turned over to Jean for a demo on Mavericks.  

Jean has downloaded Mavericks to her computer.  (It’s available for FREE).  She stated it was pretty easy for her to download and that she has not experienced any “issues”.   She thinks that if you have Snow Leopard you will be able to get Mavericks.  According to Apple, with OS X Mavericks, the Mac experience gets even better.  It brings new apps to your desktop.  It introduces technologies that help your Mac perform even better - while using even less power.  

Jean shared information on iBooks, Maps, Calendar, Safari, iCloud Keychain, Emoji, resizing, using Spotlight to find apps, how to put applications in your dock and others. You can find Jeans notes on the Links page.   The meeting was then turned over for  Q & A’s and enjoying the “goodie table.”    The raffles were conducted and the meeting was adjourned at 4:15 PM.  


Pat Vella

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