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Mac Meeting on July  10, 07
Here are my thoughts on our last meeting.

We had around 15 people.  Not to bad for it being so hot and vacation time for many.  We had one new person join.

The meeting was wonderful! Ernie did a great job; he surely made it interesting.

Ernie used his camera with a program called Skype to contact one of our members (Rick Thomas) who is in "COOL" Wyoming right now.   It was nice to see the rugged house Rick has built and the outside with the forest of trees.   It was really awesome.

When Ernie said goodbye to Rick, he went on iChat and brought up Matt (our member, Mark's  son) who lives in North Dakota and a lady by the name of Cindy who lives right here in Havasu.   And then Ernie's chat was joined by Albert Long, one of our members at the meeting who was also on his computer, thus making Ernie have three people plus himself up on the over head screen. They all talked with each other, and it was really neat.   We did get a little audio feed back because Ernie and Albert were in the same room with their computers, but all in all it was really fun.

After Ernie said good-by to all of the folks online, I asked him if he would tell us what some of the icons were in his dock.   I got really excited over one of the program icons he had in the doc, only to find it wouldn't work on my computer when I got home. However, it is sure to work on the new computer I plan to buy in October when Leopard comes out.

The icon that excited me was for Google Earth (  Google Earth combines the power of Google Search with satellite imagery, maps, terrain and 3D buildings to put the world's geographic information at your fingertips.   Using Google Earth, Ernie first took us to see some of our homes and then he took us to visit Paris and the Grand Canyon.   It was awesome to see.

Ernie's last Demo of the day was of three new web browsers he had found that I had not heard of.  Opera, Flock, SeaMonkey.

By the time all of the demos were over, it was time to close the meeting.  I think everyone really enjoyed the meeting..  I know I did! 

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