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Mac Meeting on August 14, 2007
Our meeting for August was  a good size group of 16 for this time of the year with temperatures being at 113º.

Angele was not able to come to Havasu for our meeting, so we took our meeting to her on iChat.  Ernie and Angele hooked up, and she talked to our group and answered some questions.

Then Ernie gave three demos.  The first one was on making Remote Desktop Connections.  (Ernie's notes on how to do this follows).
Remote Desktop Connections.
Run Windows on your Macintosh FREE.
    Here’s how:
        Get a Windows computer IP address
        * Start
        * Run
        * Type CMD (hit the enter key)
        * Type ipconfig (hit the enter key) – IP address will display
           Set the Windows computer to allow remote sharing
        * Properties
        * Remote
        * Allow

From your Mac
   * Download Remote Desktop Connection from Microsoft
    (Google "Remote Desktop for Mac") (

If you want more information you may email me at

It was interesting to see how one can turn their Mac into a Windows computer just like that, and still run a Mac system at the same time. This is very useful I am sure for those who have to use a Windows computer at work,  but want to stay with using a Mac computer at home.

The next thing Ernie showed us was "Quick Tip" videos. He showed us how to go into the Apple iTunes Store and do a search for "Apple Quick Tip of the Week."  There were some interesting video clips of hints to choose from.

Last of all, Ernie showed us part of the "Jobs/Gates" interview.   Should you be interested seeing the full interview, it can be found at the iTunes Store.  Do a search for "Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at D5."

Our meeting went by so fast for me and I think that was because Ernie was able to capture my interest. 

We are still in need of a secretary and someone to write a newsletter for our club.  If you have these talents, we surely could use your help.

Keep in mind our London Bridge Days Parade on Oct. 27th.  We would like very much to participate.  In a past parade we used a float (truck) with a hugh computer on the front to get the word out in town about our Mac Club and we plan to do that again.  Mark and Pam have already made the computer to go on the front of the truck. 

It would be nice to have some extra hands at the time of the parade to help finish decorating the truck.    We also need a few folks to ride in back and pass out flyers telling about our club.  If you can help please let us know...


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