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Mac Meeting on September 11, 2007
At our September meeting we had a nice turn out on a nice hot summer day.  We went over our agenda of old business and new business.  There were three new people, and two who returned who have been gone for a long time.

The first hour of our meeting was somewhat rushed as we had a field trip to our local high school's Mac Lab scheduled as part of the meeting...  However because our meeting was on Sept. 11th, we felt it only right to take a few minutes to show a memorable video about the anniversary of 911 before taking the field trip.  Also before going on our field trip, Ernie  took a few minutes to show us all about Apple's iMac and its different features, the standard features, technical features, and software features.  

When we finally got to the high school, we walked into the Mac Lab and to our surprise found the room full of the new iMacs.  The teacher Steven was wonderful,  he demonstrated the following programs to us on one of the new 20” iMacs
Plus he answered numerous questions.  Many of our members shared the same interest of wanting a class for all of us too, so we are looking into it.  Steven is interested in teaching us if the college will okay it.  Steven was wonderful, the classroom was awesome, how lucky those teenagers are.

Mark Roberts will be the guest speaker for our next meeting on Oct. 9th.  He writes the Thursday's column about computers for the Daily Herald, and could use any ideas you have for articles for the paper.

At each meeting we have one table set up with freebies and another table set up for our raffle.  It is always a good idea to look over the raffle table before we have our drawing so if your number is called you'll have an idea of what you may want.  Our ticket drawing is for members only and first time visitors.

As you know we still need a secretary and it is getting time to elect new folks into office, so if you are interested please let us know.

If you have any empty ink tanks and you no longer want them, please see Pam, as the church uses them.

Finally keep in mind the parade is Oct. 27th and we surely would like to see you there to ride in the back of the truck with your lawn chairs and help pass out flyers.

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