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Kenny and Dawn Revelation Motorcycle Ministries

Revelation Motorcycle Ministries started by building custom bikes as a tool to support itself but currently has become so much more. Since the economy has changed drastically in this country so did the needs of people. With the additional help of my wife, Dawn, who lost her job 18 months ago, it has enabled her to come on board full time with our ministry by writing articles in “Christian Motorsports Magazine” called “Stopping Traffic” donating her time as a Client Advocate, continue with her published writing, special speaking engagements and Biblical teaching. In addition to all this, Dawn also does legal research, educating, and advising people of their rights and responsibilities in a variety of areas and by helping those in need in order to better their place of business or personal lives.   

"About the Builder of Revelation Motorcycles"
I (Kenny McElwain) turned my life over to the Lord time and time again. Each time my life got difficult due to my drinking or drugging. I turned my life over to God. "Although I met my wife and I married over 18 years ago it wasn't until about 5 years ago I got really serious and did an about face in the Lord and really started to build this ministry the way God intended it to be built.

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