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Galatians 1:12

"Neither I received from man nor was I taught it
but received it through a Revelation of Jesus Christ."

It was from the sale of the "Messenger" we were able to complete "Son of Man" and now we are working on "Faithful and True" (Rev. 19:11). Revelation Motorcycles. As a result of wrenching our ministry has grown to one of Revelation Motorcycles to Revelation Ministries. Today we help those who are less fortunate and in need of shelter, under privileged who sometimes struggle to make ends meet all in obedience to the work of God. Recently, God blessed my wife and myself to be able to go bike rallies all over the country preaching the gospel and telling people through the testimonies of our bikes about Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. When at home those who come to our shop are often met with memorabilia of Jesus all over our shop wall instead of pornography that used to be there, allowing us the opportunity to answer questions from sometimes hurting people and often being able to lead someone to Christ. It is Revelation Motorcycle Ministries intent not to change people but to infect the subcultures and allow the Lord to do the changing through our example.

(Rev. 22:8-14)

Built for and owned by Pastor Marty Flood
of "Faith for Life" Church in Erinburg, AZ.

Son of Man
(Rev. 14:14)

Built for and owned by Kenny McElwain, the builder of Revelation Motorcycles.

(Rev. 20:5-6)

Rebuilt by kenny McElwain after the death of brother Steve Randall

Revelation Motorcycle Ministries
P.O. Box 3710
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86405
(928) 595-0857


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